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Mrs. Schoen

Email: ashley.schoen@spps.org

Phone: 651-325-2454

Qualifications: University of Minnesota-Duluth Elementary Education Mathematics

Mrs. Schoen

My name is Ashley Schoen and I will be your teacher.

I am very excited to work with you throughout the year. Hopefully you and your student are ready to leap into learning.  One really exciting thing about the school year is for some of you, we get to be a part of the same community for the second year!  Research shows that classrooms can build a wonderful community, establish stronger routines, and of course have positive academic growth when they are with each other for many years. 

If you want to take I look, I was featured as a teacher chosen for I AM SPPS!!





***The following information is being sent to Mays families by email and is on our website spps.org/mays. The district is pushing hard to get families to complete their iUpdate forms by this Friday, September 15. PLEASE ENCOURAGE YOUR FAMILIES TO COMPLETE THE FORMS. Let me know if you need anything. The paper forms families will be asked to complete after September 15 are time intensive and not anymore user friendly than the online iUpdate.


IMPORTANT! - Parents Complete iUpdate online by September 15

One Stop

Parents and guardians should have received their One Stop username by email. This is in the form of "gXXXXXX" or "g" followed by 6 numbers. If you need help recovering your g-number username, please contact Devina Moore at Mays (651) 325-2400.

Once you have your username and password you should be able to fill in all the important school forms on line (for example: contact information, emergency contact information, critical health information on your student, media release forms, iPad form, field trip form, and library go acceptance). These forms need to be completed in iUpdate by Friday, September 15. 

Computers, and assistance, is available at school to help in this process. Contact Devina Moore at (651) 325-2400 with questions or to request help.