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The 4th graders are given homework on a daily basis.  Homework consists of math and literacy worksheet, one on each side.  The only time you will not see homework come home is on the last day the week.  Everyday your child is given the independent responsibility of reading 30 minutes, take the time to talk to them about their book to check for comprehension.  Please be an involved and supportive parent and ask them about their day and what their job is before they come back the next day!  NO HOMEWORK ON FRIDAYS, OR THE LAST DAY OF THE WEEK!!

At the end of the week, homework is tallied up.  Any missing homework, will be noted on their progress report and they will miss out on that many minutes (missing homework) of Friday Fun.

Ex: 3 missing homeworks equals 3 minutes off of our 20 minutes of Friday Fun.


**Dr. Turner is pushing forth that homework is NOT optional this year.  Please do your best as parents that this is completed.