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EBD Resource

Emotional behavioral disorder program is designed to help students who are withdrawn, have anxiety, have aggression or disordered thought patterns.

This program features:

  • Trained staff that work with students on building consistent routine by using positive behavior reinforcements and support as well as individualized behavior plans.
  • Nurture Heart, an adopted framework, is used to work with the students when they have emotional reactions.

EBD Resource Room Programs: Designed for students that need additional support in their General Education classroom. Students receive indirect consultation from a specially licensed Special Education teacher, paraprofessional or in a co-taught instructional model.

EBD Specialized Programs: Students are taught in structured environment to help reduce high levels of withdrawal, anxiety, and/or aggression. Students spend 60 percent of their school day in a separate Special Education classroom with a teacher trained to work with students that have significant emotional and/or behavioral responses and academic needs. Students continuously work toward accessing General Education.