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Our Pre-K Curriculum

The SPPS Pre-Kindergarten Program is rooted in a deep commitment to standards-based education, and in efforts to align with SPPS' Strategic Plan, Strong Schools, Strong Communities (SSSC), has created a working draft of a research-based, standard-driven curriculum with a scope and sequence for clear expectations of what teachers will cover in instruction.

This working draft of Discovering Our World curriculum was developed as a result of a work process that has spanned over several years.

Units of Study

  • The First Six Weeks in My New School
  • Exploring Change in My World
  • Being Healthy in Our World
  • Adapting to Our World
  • Helping in Our World
  • Creating and Constructing in Our World
  • Cycles in Our World

Throughout our units of study, the students learn the Early Childhood Workshop model, which includes daily "Talking, Reading and Writing." This strategy supports early learners in the goals of the traditional Readers and Writers workshop followed in grades K-6.

In addition a strong social emotional component is embedded in daily lessons using a collaboration of lessons from Second Step and The Incredible Years.

Pre-K also follows Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies.