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Welcome to Benjamin E. Mays

This is a year of Establishment. Our charge is establishing ourselves as a school where every child is growing academically, emotionally as well as socially.

As a school we plan to make sure that your child have the best educational experience. Our experiences this school year will define who we are and how we impact this world. This school year begins with a clear focus on academics and parental involvement. To ensure success for your child our staff is focusing on:

  • 90 minutes of daily Reading instruction
  • 90 minutes of daily Math instruction
  • 50 minutes of Science and/or Writing
  • Additional daily instruction in Reading and Math for students as needed

The following highlights our focus on Parental Involvement:

  • Monthly meetings with the Principal (2nd Monday morning of each month)
  • Monthly classroom visits (2nd Monday morning of each month)
  • Focused learning objectives by Grade levels (Grade level Compacts)
  • Monthly evening events to support learning at home

I would like to provide you with a few suggestions to help your child be successful:

  1. Believe in your child. Have high, yet realistic expectations.
  2. Establish a daily routine for homework, chores, meals, and relaxation
  3. Offer to help in the classroom or do other volunteer work at the school.
  4. Model traits you want your child to have such as self-discipline and a love of learning.
  5. Emphasize the value of hard work. Do not let your child blame others or bad luck for poor performance.
  6. Monitor your child’s after-school activities.
  7. Make time for reading, writing and family talks (Daily if possible).
  8. Be respectful when talking with or about teachers and school.
  9. Help your child imagine how education will help them “get ahead” in life.
  10. Foster individuality. Respect your child’s ideas, even when they are different from yours own.

Our work will be grounded on providing the best educational experience for your child(ren). Mays IB World School offers a high quality program of international education to prepare our students to be apart of a worldwide community. We have talented, creative, and dedicated teachers and staff members. Working together with the school staff will allow this school year to be successful for your family.


Benjamin E. Mays Administrative Team

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