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Kirk Morris, Principal

560 Concordia Ave., Saint Paul, MN 55103

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Research and Science Skills

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  • Benjamin E. Mays IB World School has three Inquiry Specialists that provide instruction meeting Science and Engneering Standards K - 5.

    All Inquiry staff work with teachers and students to enrich their ability to engage in inquiry based research. The content used to accomplish this is aligned with grade level PYP units of inquiry and utilizes standard based instruction.

    Inquiry instruction addresses both the content and process of science while developing the vocabulary of science. Special consideration is given to increase the students' ability to construct personal meaning to their learning by connecting learning to the students' own experiences.

    Three Inquiry teachers (Mr. Sutton, Ms. Laabs, and Mr Benes) have three well-equipped science laboratories for their use where hands-on exploration and investigations are conducted. These labs are equipped with technologies so students can do virtual investigations.

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